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Welcome to Science Friction, sci-fi game show podcast where comedians score points for their opinions, and how close they are to my opinions! Hosted by Asterios Kokkinos.

May 18, 2017


The best movie in any trilogy is the third one! Return Of The Jedi had those adorable Ewoks! The Matrix Revolutions had even MORE exposition! And Back To The Future 3 had a scene where Marty McFly was hung from a tree...EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT TO SEE IN A BACK TO THE FUTURE MOVIE!

So is it any shock that our third episode is our best episode yet? In this week's adventure, Claudia Cogan, Eric Larnick, Pete the Retailer and I talk about the TV show Jeopardy for twenty minutes to figure out what we can steal from it. Then we talk about sci-fi, I guess? Whatever, just listen!



Claudia Cogan | @blaudiablogan
Pete The Retailer | @petetheretailer
Eric Larnick | @HiHorseLarnick

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